Open Letter by

Yineli Carreon

Being a part of South Texas Youth Congress has given me greater hope for whatever it is that lies ahead for our region. I am assured that those who remain, and are to come, will work diligently to prove once more that we are all more than just ordinary high school students. It is truly marvelous what can be accomplished when we all come together and build up on each other’s views and ideas. Which is why, I advise all future representatives to be respectful of one another and really grow to understand the circumstances that surround them, as they set on what will probably become one of the most memorable and meaningful experiences of their high school years.

STYC has been without a doubt an immense and profound blessing in my life because I was given the opportunity to work alongside some of the most intelligent and creative minds of South Texas. It was with STYC that friendships and connections were established amongst one another that I’m sure will last throughout the years. In addition, all the work that was done gave me a huge sense of pride because I knew that we were all working towards real and meaningful change. We all meant business in every meeting and when conversing with politicians and officials in our communities. Preparation and knowledge gave us the confidence to affront issues and discuss our plans with others. Even more satisfying is knowing that I was part of the first group to lay the groundwork for all the other representatives to come.

Everything about STYC helps to create stronger characters and leaders in South Texas. Although it may seem that we are very similar on the surface, it is the differences of one another that make for the best ideas and solutions for our communities. I believe that this is only a very small start and scene for the organization, as it has yet to see the bigger glory it has in the works.



Yineli Carreon
2nd STYC President

July 2015